For the last 45 years, Lakeside Lodge has faithfully served as Black Lake Bible Camp's premiere dormitory. Its location in one of the beautiful and ideal spots at camp and for many years it has been the nicest accommodation that camp has had to offer. It’s been the home of many fond memories and special to a great number of the people that have been blessed by Black Lake’s ministry. 


But unfortunately, the condition has of Lakeside Lodge has deteriorated. Its 45 years of faithful and dedicated service now shows  and can be felt in each creaking floor, in worn bathrooms and sinks, and the patchwork of repairs that come from being used by so many students and adults.  We started a major remodel of Lakeside Lodge this spring! During the massive snowstorm we endured in February of 2019 the roof of Lakeside Lodge collapsed. This presented us with an opportunity that we couldn't have designed. Our insurance company has worked with us to provide new structural elements we weren't expecting to be able to address. On top of that, we were able to redesign the interiors, from drywall, to doors and windows, to insulation, from the studs out. We have had a chance to make dramatic changes on a scale that we couldn't have realistically hoped for otherwise.


Gifts in support of the Lakeside Lodge project can be made here, online or by check, payable to Black Lake Bible Camp with “Lakeside Lodge” on the memo line. The approximate cost of remodeling Lakeside Lodge to be $65,000. 


Each year, we budget an amount of money to be used for the maintenance and upgrading of facilities, but this need far outstrips our ability to do this with funds we raise through regular means. Simply put, we cannot do this without your enthusiastic participation.


Lakeside Lodge Reimagined is important for two reasons:

  this project will expand our ability to be the kind of place where people can focus on their relationships with God and with each other. It will add to the effectiveness of our ministry. We desire to be a place where people can effectively retreat from the distraction and busyness of their everyday lives and be able to focus entirely and connecting with God and others.


Second, BLBC uses Lakeside Lodge and other dorms to subsidize the true costs of  camps and to create the financial margins needed to not only maintain camp, but keep making it even better!  The ministries of Black Lake Bible Camp depend on revenue that BLBC gains by renting its facility to churches and nonprofits to retreats of their own. Completing a remodel of Lakeside Lodge will protect the viability of this model and ensure that BLBC can continue making its camps accessible to everyone.


As we wrap up this project, we want to tell you what we've been doing! One of the first things you might notice when you come in is that Carpeted floors were replaced with durable wood-look laminate floors that will hold up to the wear and tear of summer camps students and maintain look that is desirable to adult groups as well.

In order to address one of our most frequent complaints, that it is all too easy to hear the conversations of people in neighboring rooms, we will replace the majority of the lodge’s interior drywall with a higher-grade material and add noise reducing insulation. The new drywall will also help to resist mold, which is constantly being addressed now in the lodge’s bathrooms. New windows and doors will add to the building’s efficiency, which will reduce the high cost of heating the building during the winter months.


Have we mentioned that each room will have an air conditioning unit? Because they will have air conditioning units!


Lastly, we will upgrade our bunks, headboards, and queen mattress to introduce a new level of comfort and round off of a beautiful northwest style. 

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