Learn basic skills of creating a modern macrame creation such as popular knots, how to start and finish a piece, and finishing touches. Begin your own piece and take it home!


A hit of a workshop from last year, come to learn how to create cards from scratch. You'll have the opportunity to choose from several patterns, or head to the freestyle table to create a design all your own! 


On Friday night in the dining hall, we will enjoy a casual painting class while eating our dessert! This class will be geared towards beginners and will be a step by step guide. Chit chat with friends, enjoy tasty snacks, and take your masterpiece home with you!


"Training and teaching the martial arts for over 25 years. Taught survival tactics to numerous agencies including special operation units in the Air Force and Army National Guard. I love teaching good people these amazing life saving skills and pray they never have to use them physically." - Greg Maloney


Come rest and enjoy the relaxing process of creating your own candle. Learn a little about the importance of safe products in our homes and take your non-toxic, personalized scented candle home with you. 


A long time favorite workshop at BLBC Women's Retreat. Bring a friend or two and have a blast! 

QUIET TIME - it's not what you think...

Our lives are full and have their own unique set of circumstances that makes “having a quiet time” seem like the pebble that tips the boat. But what if the risk of tipping the boat, finds us walking on the water? What if choosing what it costs means experiencing loss in the greatest way? What if the way we view a quiet time, is actually the way we view God and our relationship with Him? Come join in as we talk about how taking time to work on our life will help us live our lives at a richer more fulfilling level, what living a life of connection with God looks like, and how its not so legalistic and impossible after all." - Jacqui Miranda


Sometimes healing and victory comes by deliverance through the trial, not by removing us from it.

God is limitless. So when it comes to suffering, He can prevent it. But when He doesn’t, we still have reason to hope. To hope, because our God is good, only does good and is perfectly for us! To hope, because God sees more than we do. To hope because pain always involves healing, death always includes life and tears always come with joy in the morning. Sharing lessons learned from a jaw injury, Jacqui will encourage us that when God doesn’t deliver from trial, He delivers through it, and that sometimes the best healing comes by not being completely healed.


"In the Houseplant Basics Workshop, you will leave feeling confident in your plant care abilities and truly enjoy the beauty and growth you see from your new houseplant. The class will cover basic photosynthesis, sunlight, water, fertilizer 101, and walk through a very hands-on repotting! You'll get to leave with a newly repotted 4" houseplant and be able to follow along in a workbook so you can take all of this information home with you and apply it to all your houseplants as you grow your collection! We will dive into what God has taught me through plants and how you can look for these lessons in your own life. Come with all of your houseplant questions and be ready to get your hands in to dirt to grow well!" - Dusty Hegge of Revive Nursery


Sheri is a recently retired English teacher who loves to teach writing! This class will help you generate story ideas from your precious memories and learn strategies for writing your stories into memoirs. You will be given time to practice, to share your writing (if you want), and to listen to the ideas and stories of your fellow ladies!


Come learn information on how to live with less waste no matter where you're at with your own journey! Expect to leave the class having more knowledge about:

- composting

-less waste in the kitchen

-little ways that add up for more saving of the Earth and saving of $$$


This session at it's heart is to give some women the ability to share the story God has given them, in whatever capacity and method that they want, allow others to learn what sharing can look like, allow others to rally and encourage the sharer's vulnerability, and most importantly point everyone back to the Lord. We have a handful of women planning on sharing, so please come listen, encourage, and be encouraged. At the end there may be time to share what God has put on your heart as well.

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