Your summer doesn't have to be lonely. Your summer doesn't have to be a waste of time. 


Camp has a meaningful community for you belong to.

There are three different areas you can work in at camp:

dining hall



All three are different, but all work together to make camp possible! Right below, there are videos that show a little about what each looks like and feels like. Do yourself a favor and check out these videos.


So, you're wondering how you can fit in to our team here at camp?  Great!

1. Read through the job descriptions. Choose a couple you're the most interested in!


2. Look at the calendars and expectations we have of all of our staff! Conflicts aren't necessarily deal breakers, but the sooner we know the better. 

3. Read our Statement of Faith before you continue. We love Jesus and want you to have a great relationship with God too!

4. Fill out your application and submit it! We'll be reaching out to you shortly afterwards.